Projects - Chesa Plagnoula, Zuoz

Chesa Plagnoula

Location: Zuoz     Year: 2009

Chesa Plagnoula, with its charateristic Engadine farmhouse typology is situated in the historic center of Zuoz in the Engadine. Dendrochronological investigations have shown medieval parts in the building. The historic structure oft he house was carefully dismantled, cleaned and where required complemented by on site balanced lime plaster. The historic larch wood chamber on the upper level was confronted with a new pine wood chamber, constructed according to old construction principles.

The hayloft, built up with interlocked round timber logs, is a distinguishing mark of the house. The autonomously inserted new volume is detached from the outer historic layer and only penetrates it by the skylight and the big projecting window. The new volume, reaching from the level of the former cattle barn up to the historic roof of the hayloft, is an insulated steel and timberframe construction. The inside is planked with plasterboards, while the outside is planked with larchboards, which are coated with bitumen.

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