Projects - Engadiner Lehrwerkstatt, Samedan

Engadiner Lehrwerkstatt

Location: Samedan     Year: 2012

The building of the "Engadiner Lehrwerkstatt", apprenticship training positions, in Samedan should be extended south facing with a new production hall. This new hall is characterized by three skylights which are situated transverse to the hall. The south facade and the roof are rhythmed by these three distinctive skylights. The skylights are designed as static effective trusses that span the entire depth of the room, while ensuring that the rear darker room zones are supplied with enough daylight.

The extension, which is partly in the groundwater, was created in reinforced concrete and provided with an external heat insulation. On this base building, the hall of the new production hall was built with prefabricated wood frame elements. The facade is clad with rough-sawn larch wood boards. In the foreground was the fusion of contemporary use of wood and the "Engadiner Lehrwerkstatt".

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