Projects - Single family house Falera, Falera

Single family house Falera

Location: Falera     Year: 2013

Instead of a reconstruction of the existing barn it was decided to create a new building that bears the volume and the expression of the previous building in the village core. In order to meet this picture as good as possible, a wooden building was developed, which should have a massive and rough sawn larch planks covering the same force and scope as the previous existing barn.

To meet the fire safety requirements, the southwest and northwest facade were executed in concrete. The formwork image corresponds in its disposition and surface structure exactly to the wood-clad facade part. Benefiting from the ordinary aging process the wood facade will increasingly turn gray with time, so that the visual difference between the two materials, wood and concrete increasingly recedes into the background, and the building merges into one unit.

The two large sliding doors and the small wooden shops in the southwest facade offer the possibility to completely close the building surface in uninhabited state. This and the choice of materialization, are conscious references to the appearance of the former stable.

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