Projects - Hotel guesthouse Krone, La Punt

Hotel guesthouse Krone

Location: La Punt     Year: 2007

Dendrochronological investigations have shown that the former farmhouse is situated next to the important bridge in La Punt at the Inn river since 1565. In the second half of the 20th century it was transformed into a guesthouse.A first renovation stage was completed in 2002. The idea of lifting the hotel`s roof by one meter in 2008 allowed the insertion of six further hotel rooms and a wellbeing area.

The limited light incidence through the windows was compensated by integrating skylight laterns. They offer a big amount of daylight on the one hand and different light atmospheres can be mechanically generated in them on the other hand.

Solid wood was used consistently (pine, larch and maple). The house features an exquisite culinaric offer and is adorned with artworks of well-known grison artists from privat local art collections.

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