Projects - Cascada Laret, Pontresina

Cascada Laret

Location: Pontresina     Year: 2011

The project "Cascada Laret" was the result of an architectural competition. The existing zoning plan was questioned by the project. A new district plan solved the problem of the situation.

The two staggered rows, arranged in the fall line, define a cascade-like, large-scale outdoor space. Therefore, the slope-side residential area is not closed off but visually involved. The facility opens itself towards the church and the congress center "Rondo". This building mass distribution offers interesting views for all apartments towards the "Roseg Valley" and the "Julier" mountain chain. Due to the rectangular arrangement of the volumes to the slope line, an optimal sunlight exposure could be achieved.

The division of the mass into separate "rocks", each about 15 meters wide, calibrates the large building mass and the residents are able to identify with their individual house part. The intimate, sheltered roof terraces and porches, as well as the private ground-level outdoor areas, create interesting spatial relationships. The materials used, such as serpentine stone, bush hammered concrete, mineral scratch-plaster, architectural bronze and larch wood are all reflected in nature.

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