Projects - Single family house Soglio, Soglio

Single family house Soglio

Location: Soglio     Year: 2015

This house is located a little away from the village centre on the western edge and directly on the upper access street. It marks the beginning of the village's rustic buildings. Immediately in front of the building is a cultivated mountain meadow with very large walnut trees. The compact building was built on the same location as where a joiner's workshop once stood. Therefore, protective and limited measures were taken to limit any interventions into nature.

The white-beige exposed concrete façade matches the original, local buildings through the use of white-cement additives. Despite the modern and discretely designed façades, the new monolithic structure blends smoothly and sedately into the village picture.

In the interior, the few but specifically located windows open to the most important elements of the surroundings and provide a view of the imposing mountain world of the Bergell as well as the village centre of Soglio.The spaciousness and the diverse arrangement of the interior rooms are surprising. Different views over many floors allow one to realise the fascination of the arrangement solution and the excitement of the interior spatial structure.

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