Projects - Chesa Not, Tschlin

Chesa Not

Location: Tschlin     Year: 2004

Chesa Not, originating from between the 16th and 18th century, is located next to the freestanding church tower and the cemetery of the Lower Engadine village Tschlin. A new telescope like volume penetrates the hay barn, following the historic hay storage platform. This volume generates a warm core on the one hand and creates a spectacular view situation on the other hand. The experience of the original large space of the haybarn remains in its whole impressing dimension.

The remaining heatable rooms are lined up along the passageway through to the haybarn, according to the original engadine house typology. The archaic appearance of the lower level was maintained. Only the original space for the storage of the cow dung was cleaned and filled up with water. The result is a small swimming pool or an overdimensional bath tub, which freezes during wintertime.

Project in collaboration with Duri and Not Vital

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